Meet MonJa at ICBA Live National Convention in Nashville

Meet MonJa at ICBA Live National Convention in Nashville

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The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) strives to create and uphold an environment that will allow community banks to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner. You may not be aware but community banks make for 99 percent of American banks, and currently employ more than 760,000 and have almost $5 trillion in assets. The ICBA National Live Convention is where experts showcase upcoming trends relevant to community banks in the field of marketing, investment, fintech, loans, and much more. The goal is not only high powered networking but to equip bankers with actionable insights and to create a platform to upskill themselves.

Meet MonJa at ICBA Live National Convention in Nashville
Meet MonJa at ICBA Live National Convention in Nashville

ICBA’s annual convention in Nashville, to be held from March 18 to 22 2019, at the Music City Convention Center, is set to witness the biggest assembly of community bankers in the globe. The Nashville convention acts as a quick training wheels program for any up and coming community banker, and it is a hub for experienced bankers to exchange notes and new developments. With more than 60 educational sessions, a gathering of hundreds of innovators and industry trendsetters, massive opportunities to connect, and provisions for entertainment and fine dining, it is set to be a one of its kind educational and networking experience.

The hugely popular event is designed to guide bankers about the latest developments, market trends, new regulations, and investment opportunities. The convention is a great platform for meeting the exhibiting technology vendors and understand how they fit in your overall game plan.  It’s important to note that all attendees usually hold extremely crucial roles in community banks across the country and are tasked with sustaining and fine-tuning their institutions for the long run.

What You Can Expect

The live convention is curated like a five-day power learning session, where bankers can communicate, brainstorm, and absorb the best of each other’s ideas. From large group-based sessions like community bank roundtables, general sessions, and education learning labs, the convention also makes space for more focused solutions and one-on-one exchanges, via a Thinktech mixer, ‘engage with experts’ sessions, thrift roundtables etc. It is a fantastic place to communicate with different domain experts, especially if you’re a banking executive looking to streamline the talent flow, tech efficiency, and customer service at your organization.

Here’s What You Can Explore

There are exceptionally well-placed management and tactical sessions with a key focus on marketing and business strategies, banking trends, which community bankers can benefit from. The live convention is also a great space to hone your leadership skills and examine sessions for individual growth. You can generate knowledge and pick the brains of loan experts to navigate today’s retail environment better. Learn from tactical learning programs targeted to educate you more about making the most of social media and consumer interaction to build your brand in a competitive market.  You can interact with lending gurus about risk and regulatory issues which emerge on a daily basis. There are also exclusive workshops meant to let community bankers learn about new revenue generation streams and ways to expand an institution. The technology sessions and companies exhibiting their tech solutions specifically tailored for community banking are one of the most valuable rewards of attending the event.

General Sessions

Did you know that Sophia, the Robot, the humanoid superstar is set to be one of the speakers at the ICBA’s general session? This year’s panel has a rockstar line-up with experts in leadership, innovation and financial services. The ICBA live session is in many ways, a leadership summit, as trailblazers usher in brand new concepts and introduce executives to innovative banking paradigms. Besides Sophia’s presentation, the panel of speakers will also feature the bestselling author John O’Leary, whose book ‘On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life’ sold more than 120,000 copies worldwide and was translated in 12 languages.  Vinh Giang and his presentation illustrating how magic can “unlock your mind” will be another great session to catch.

Theresa Payton, the former White House CIO and Cybersecurity Authority, is set to speak at the live convention. Payton has been named among the top 50 cybersecurity professionals. Peyton supervised cybersecurity operations for President George W. Bush. Cybersecurity forms the very crux of modern banking, and Payton’s session could be a critical takeaway from the convention.

Individual Growth

Though the ICBA Live Convention is focused on making a large scale impact in community banking, individual growth and development remain a key priority of the program. For instance, the Who You Are > What You Do session scheduled at March 20, is set to be a lecture by Grant Baldwin, the creator of The Speaker Lab. The session aims to give you a perspective on balancing your personal life and professional goals and making enough room for further growth. The engaging presentation is a huge bonus for banking executives who have one of the most hectic work itineraries in America. Instead of being generic or vaguely funny, Baldwin is set to give out some practical and approachable creative solutions to combat the stress of overwork.

Another Baldwin session is to be held on the morning of March 20 and is called Be a Difference Maker. It is aimed at promising and upcoming executives who wish to make an actual difference, and are looking for something more than just a paycheck. Baldwin’s interactive session is set to re-prioritize your career goals and make you think about the big picture, no matter where you are in your career.


Entertainment and recreation are very important for this year’s ICBA. On the afternoon of March 18, you will get a chance to connect with community bankers from across the country at the Welcome Reception. The reception is more than a meet-and-greet and is about to feature more than 200 innovators sharing banking strategies and economic trends. You can ask questions, engage with experts, all the while enjoying a beverage.

Meet MonJa at ICBA Live National Convention in Nashville

The Denim and Diamonds: 30th Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser is set to be held on March 20 from 5:00 p.m. The silent auction might just be the swankiest event you’ll end up going to this year. The event aims to raise funds for the national federal political action committee which strives to make sure the community banking industry prospers. This silent auction is a black tie event and is an ICBA staple, with attendees looking forward to it every year.

A Night to Celebrate is scheduled to be the final night of revelry to celebrate the week of success and camaraderie. To be hosted at Nashville’s popular live-music joint Wildhorse Saloon, the final ICBA party is set to be an epic going away party. From barbecue to dancing, to live music, show up in your fanciest dancing boots and party as you depart for another year.

Find Us There

Besides the stellar educational and entertainment line-up, you’ll also find our very own MonJa team at our booth (#218). Come say hi and check out the new tech (loan underwriting automation) from MonJa transforming the community banking industry.

Don’t Miss

This year, every banker who’ll attend the ICBA Live will get an opportunity to win incredible prizes during the ICBA Expo. There’s also a Mad Dash for Cash game cards, which will be given out to all convention attendees, and instructions and details will be a part of your welcome packet. Last but not least, MonJa team is going to have some fun games, spinning wheel with prizes and raffle to win 2nd generation ECHO PLUS! Please stop by our booth (#218) to participate. We are excited to see you next week in Nashville.

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