COMMERCIAL LENDING SOFTWARE. Lending 2.0: A Digital Transformation. Infographics

Commercial Lending Software | Lending 2.0: A Digital Transformation | Infographics

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Fintech World Landscape:

Asia and America Lead, Europe Follows

Bank – Fintech Partnerships

More than three-quarters (78%) of US commercial banks are considering new fintech partnerships in 2019 in a bid to improve customer experience (42%) and achieve real-time visibility (40%).

Digital Lending Statistics in the US

  • US Digital Lending grew loan originations 30.1% year over year to $41.1 billion in 2017
  • Experts project a compound annual growth rate of 12.4% to $73.7 billion in annual originations by 2022
  • 9 out of 10 financial institutions say they either have a digital transformation strategy or are developing one

Fintech Usage Solutions

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