Our Value Proposition:

MonJa’s investment analytics tools help enhance our clients’ fund returns and reduce their portfolio delinquencies. With our loan selection strategy and portfolio analytics, marketplace lending investors can significantly improve their portfolio performance.

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Performance Attribution:

– Visualization interface presenting sources of allocation & excess returns
– Standard & Custom Benchmark Comparison

– Understand what’s driving your returns
– Break down major attributes at the portfolio level to explain performance
– Gain ability to drill down on attribution by variables and understand relative alpha generation

Loan Scoring:

– Proprietary Profit Scoring
– Allocation Optimizer
– Customized Credit Modeling

– Optimally select loans according to criteria
– Combine results with hundreds of attributes to accurately model all levels of risk
– Backtesting to enhance current investment strategy

Portfolio Analytics:

– Loan pool tracking
– Platform monitoring
– Vintage cash flow projections

– Real-time analysis to monitor your loan portfolio holdings and performance
– Top-down dashboard to see trends and key metrics with the ability to drill down by grade, term, and platform
– Clean and aggregate different data fields for standard comparison
– Produce dynamic and static reports (in pdf, Excel) for managed accounts without compromising data quality

Risk Management:

– Loan-level prepayment analysis
– Delinquency and expected-loss forecasting
– Scenario & Monte-Carlo stress testing

– Customized filters to select risk-stratified segments on your loan portfolio
– Discover and monitor the risks in your investment strategy using a full range of statistics
– Capture all the risks of borrower’s ability to default and expected loss under stress scenarios

MPL Valuation & Loan Pricing:

– DCF-based valuation framework
– Markov-chain simulation with calibrated transition vectors
– Over 100 daily third-party and proprietary time series input
– Loan-attribute level custom segmenting

– Intra-month visibility of pool performance
– Automated report delivery to accounting system and fund admin
– Fully-managed service
– Customizable dashboards and delivery options