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NSR Invest and MonJa Announce Strategic Partnership

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MonJa will partner with NSR Invest to bring institutional analytics and performance reporting to financial advisors in peer-to-peer lending. This strategic partnership was announced in  Crowdfundinsider on September 28, 2015. Below is the original PRNewsWire release. DENVER and SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — NSR Invest, a leading peer-to-peer investment management platform, and MonJa, a leading provider of market insights for …

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Five Common Mistakes P2P Loan Investors Make: Using Simple Filters (Part 2 of 5)

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A few weeks ago, MonJa launched our “5 Common Mistakes P2P Loan Investors Make”  blog series. This week, we will talk about the second mistake investors make in peer-to-peer lending. These analytical findings will shed insight to those who are against using credit models. 5 Mistakes P2P Loan Investors Make – Using Simple Filters (Part 2 of 5) As peer to …

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What’s The Madden With You?

In Credit Risk Modeling, Industry News, Marketplace Lending by Jesse VelezLeave a Comment

The Madden v. Midland Funding, LLC ruling proves the importance of understanding the regulatory risk faced when pricing any asset class- especially in marketplace lending. Below is the MonJa analysis on how this ruling effects p2p institutional investors. First though, some of the facts: For a Madden v. Midland case overview, check out Lend Academy’s post “Madden 2015 Has Nothing to …

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5 Common Mistakes P2P Loan Investors Make: Insufficient Diversification (Part 1 of 5)

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MonJa is excited to announce their five part blog series “5 Common Mistakes P2P Loan Investors Make”. With the growth of peer-to-peer lending, more institutional investors are investing in marketplace platforms. There are several introductory guides out there on p2p lending, yet investors are applying sophisticated credit strategies in buying loans- something basic guides don’t address. As MonJa has been …

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A Day In The Life Of A MonJa Intern

In MonJa Life by Joanna LaiLeave a Comment

Two rockstar interns joined the MonJa team this summer. When they’re not amazing us with their lightning speed coding abilities, they keep us laughing with their amusing comments and millennial insights. We asked them to share their summer experiences. Zi Wei, an anime loving sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, illustrates that MonJa life in a cartoon strip. While she …

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Loan Selection In P2P Lending: Does It Actually Work?

In Marketplace Lending by James Wu

The major P2P lending platforms, such as Lending Club and Prosper, have been terrific at underwriting and setting a level playing field for marketplace lending – and several of them have recently launched or improved their passive vehicles; this is great news for investors seeking passive income with a minimal amount of hassle. A common question that I often get …

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Survival Analysis Applied to Marketplace Loans

In Credit Risk Modeling by Matt KelsoLeave a Comment

MonJa would like to introduce Professor Matthew Dixon, whose current research interests include credit modeling for peer-to-peer loans. Over the last several months, Prof Dixon and Litong Dong, a recent graduate of USF, have engaged in a collaborative research project with us here at MonJa. Their research focuses on survival analysis and how it might apply to marketplace notes. Today’s post …

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Are you buying the wrong loans? A pricing analysis of Lending Club loans

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Many of our clients spend a lot of time thinking about selecting the right “buckets” to invest. Within a platform like Lending Club, that means selecting the right term and grades. We help managers think through the right expectation of returns within each bucket, and usually, this conforms to their intuition. But occasionally a loan investor is surprised at what …

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Which Marketplace Lenders Are Making Moves?

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Here at MonJa we have a strong pulse on what’s happening in the marketplace lending space. During our weekly team meetings, we always spend time discussing recent peer to peer lending activity. This week we discussed the increase in venture capital funding amongst financial tech companies. These past months, VCs have invested heavily in this space- a sign of much …

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Gone in 60(/12) seconds – 3 types of loans algorithmic investors buy

In Marketplace Lending by James WuLeave a Comment

A few weeks ago Simon Cunningham at Lending Memo wrote a great post on algorithmic investing in marketplace lending. There is a perception that institutional investors are buying the best loans using credit models. This is a good assumption. But it’s also worth asking: do institutional investors really behave differently from retail investors on the marketplace lending platforms?