Online Lending Monthly News - Aug 2021

Online Lending Monthly News – September 2021

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Online Lending Monthly News - Aug 2021

Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of August 2021 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

8/2/2021 What will it take for open banking to take hold in the US? (AmerBanker)

8/2/2021 4 fintech books to pick up in 2021 (AltFiNews)

8/4/2021 The First All-Fintech Megadeal: Square is Buying Afterpay (PeterRenton)

8/5/2021 BlockFi to Offer the World’s First Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card (CrowdfundInside)

8/5/2021 Who’s afraid of the digital dollar? (AmerBanker)

8/6/2021 Bitcoin trading, wearable payments: What’s next for Quontic Bank? (AmerBanker)​​

8/9/2021 Klarna and Yoox Net-A-Porter announce partnership (AltFiNews)

8/10/2021 Bank of America Grabbing 1 in 3 Gen Zs and Millennials with Mobile (FinancialBrand)

8/10/2021 Cryptocurrency app Circle files banking licence application with the SEC (AltFiNews)

8/11/2021 Zilch makes first acquisition as it looks to expand into the US (AltFiNews)

8/12/2021 Venmo lets credit cardholders buy crypto with cashback (FinExtra)

8/16/2021 Behind the Buzzword: What is fintech? (AltFiNews)

8/16/2021 Bipartisan bill would expand SBA loan program to include fintech lenders (bankingdive)

8/19/2021 The crypto leaders at the UK’s biggest fintechs (AltFiNews)

8/19/2021 Open banking’s coming of age moment (p2pfinancenews)

8/20/2021 US banks and insurance companies slow down ad spending to compete with fintechs (eMarketer)

8/20/2021 Fintech tops Inc. 5000 list (PeterRenton)

8/23/2021 PayPal UK Adds Crypto Option for Users, Bitcoin Rises Above $50K (CrowdFundInside) 

8/23/2021 Europe’s largest loan marketplace Mintos just became a licenced investment firm (AltFiNews)

8/24/2021 The Crypto Industry Goes To Washington And Comes Of Age (Forbes)

8/24/2021 JPMorgan Chase aims to build Zelle-like network for B2B payments (AmerBanker)

8/25/2021 Facebook Announces New Cryptocurrency Payment Product (PeterRenton)

8/26/2021 Funding Xchange embeds its lending marketplace on eBay (AltFiNews)

8/26/2021 Inside Facebook’s plans for a banking super app (AmerBanker)

8/27/2021 Fintechs can help narrow racial gaps: San Francisco Fed president (AmerBanker)

Platform News

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