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Online Lending Monthly News Update- February 2020

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MonJa: Online Lending Commercial Lending Commercial Banking Technology News

Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of January 2020 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

1/2/2020 The Ten Biggest News Stories of the Decade in Marketplace Lending (LendAcademy)

1/3/2020 Bitcoin, despite its ups and downs, had a monster decade of growth (AmericanBanker)

1/6/2020 The Top 5 Fintech Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020 (Forbes)

1/6/2020 10 Ways AI Is Going To Improve Fintech In 2020 (Forbes)

1/7/2020 Want to Speed Up Your Commercial Loan Underwriting? Learn how you can here. (MonJa)

1/7/2020 Fintechs help deals on Seedrs jump nearly 50 percent (AltFiNews)

1/8/2020 Digital banking in Singapore poised to boom as applications flood in (AltFiNews)

1/8/2020 What will 2020 hold for fintech? (AltFiNews)

1/9/2020 What are the banking tech trends that will dominate 2020? (AmericanBanker)

1/9/2020 Where Does Real Estate Crowdfunding Stand in 2020? (LendAcademy)

1/10/2020 First digital bank granted approval in the Philippines (AltFiNews)

1/10/2020 BankThink 10 fintech forecasts for the ‘20s (AmericanBanker)

1/13/2020 Can Fintechs Really Beat Banks In 2020? (Yahoo Finance)

1/13/2020 ThinCats heralds “record” 2019 as lending reaches £200m (AltFiNews)

1/14/2020 11 bankers and disruptors to watch in 2020 (AmericanBanker)

1/14/2020 Generation Z Still Listens to Parents When Selecting Banking Service Providers (CrowdFundInsider)

1/15/2020 Want to Speed Up Your Commercial Loan Underwriting? Find out how here. (MonJa)

1/15/2020 How can regulators catch up to tech changes? (AmericanBanker)

1/16/2020 Fintech brands dominate the ‘breakout finance apps’ of 2019 (AltFiNews)

1/16/2020 Visa to Pay $5.3 Billion for Fintech Startup (WSJ) 

1/17/2020 Brazil’s Unicorn FinTech EBANX Pilots Digital Wallet (PYMNTS) 

1/17/2020 Newly launched fintechs hoping to disrupt the market in 2020 (AltFiNews)

1/21/2020 Swedish fintech Tink secures biggest funding round to date (AltFiNews)

1/21/2020 Europe’s new API rules lay groundwork for regulating open banking (AmericanBanker)

1/22/2020 3 Reasons for a Bank To Tap Into Outside Loan Underwriting Services (MonJa)

1/23/2020 Will fintech’s next decade look radically different? (TechCrunch)

1/23/2020 Why 2020 Is The Year For Fintech (Forbes)

1/24/2020 Will Banking And Fintechs Align More in 2020? (Forbes)

1/29/2020 5 policy hurdles thwarting federal regulators’ fintech ambitions (AmericanBanker)

1/30/2020 Klarna Expands Global Payments Services to Australia (CrowdFundInsider)

1/30/2020 Goldman Sachs Hosts First Investor Day, Shares Plans for 2020 and Beyond (LendAcademy)

1/31/2020 Mastercard’s bet on fintech pays off with higher card spending (BankInnovation)

1/31/2020 9 must-read technology books for 2020 (4Enterprisers)

Platform News

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