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Lenders of the New Age: Incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology

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12 Minutes Read. Although alternative digital lending is still in its infancy, it has made a major mark in the consumer and SMB lending industry. A survey conducted by American Banks Association claims that: the volume of loans originated by digital lending platforms will rise to USD 90 billion in 2020 in the US, constituting about 10% of the total ...
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Small Banks and Why They Need To Adapt To The Latest In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Small banks and credit unions play an important role in the US financial system particularly in serving rural and small metropolitan areas. Why should they care about artificial intelligence and machine learning when their business with borrowers is based on personal relationships? Their essence is in relationships built with the community at the local level, which cannot be established by ...
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Overview of US-Based Small Business Lending Platforms (Alternative Lenders).

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“Of the 28 million small businesses in the United States, over half faced financial challenges in the last year [2016] Janet Zablock; Former Head of Global Small Business at Visa and currently, an Independent Board member at Nav Inc. As we have all heard multiple times, Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are the backbone of the US economy. Still, they struggle ...
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Overview of US Real Estate Lending Platforms (Online Lenders)

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Let's start with some of the reasons that lead to the hyper growth of some of US-based real estate lending platforms. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the whole dynamics of real estate lending has changed. The perennial sources of funding like commercial banks, insurance companies, and other traditional lenders have turned much more conservative when it comes to underwriting loans ...