Automate Form 8825 Data Extraction Process Through MonJa’s Smart Scan Technology

Use MonJa’s automated data extraction platform to process the IRS Form 8825 efficiently with better accuracy.

Our AI-enabled platform not only helps you in avoiding all the possible human errors but also allows you to speed up the data extraction and processing by 70%.


Form 8825 is an important taxation document used for reporting income generated from and expenses incurred on rental real estate, owned either by a partnership firm or by an S-corporation. Many organizations use this form to receive certain tax benefits.

Form 8825 forms an important part of the US financial sector and is of much utility for many organizations of the sector. But processing these forms manually may consume multiple working hours and involve high chances of human errors.


MonJa’s Smart Scan Technology allows its users to automate the task of extracting data from 8825 forms. This allows the users to increase their productivity, save multiple working hours and avoid any chances of human error while processing forms.

Fields that are extracted through MonJa’s Smart Scan

Below mentioned are the different fields that can be added, deleted, or moved automatically with the help of MonJa’s Smart Scan Platform

Basic Details

  • Name
  • Employer ID Number
  • Type and Address of Each Property
  • Fair Rental Days
  • Personal Use Days, etc.

Rental Details

  • Rental Real Estate Income & Expenses
  • Total Gross Rents
  • Total Expenses
  • Net Gain From the Deposition of Property
  • Net Income from Rental Real Estate Activities, from Partnerships, Estates, or Trusts, etc.

See How Your Institution Can Benefit From MonJa Underwriting Automation

Reduction in document collection and processing time
Increase in Loan Origination Volume
Decrease in Loan Processing Duration

MonJa’s Smart Scan Workflow

  • Document Upload

  • Image pre-processing

  • Classification

  • Automated Scanning

  • Financial Ratios

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